• Zempire Aerodome I


    Our first fully inflatable tent series. Takes the stress out of camping. Arrive...inflate...relax.


    Take the stress out of camping, and spend time to enjoy a momnet by the campfire. Camping gear that works, so you don't have to.
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Unique solutions for the perfect camping trip

Zempire Camping Equipment specialise in high quality, family camping equipment that you can rely on. Our tent designs are known for their innovation and unique solutions to everyday camping problems. All products are beautifully made, to ensure that they last for many years of camping holidays. You will find everything from large Canvas tents designed to last a generation, to inflatable tents that get you camping in minutes.  

Hubble (Airflow)

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    “As an outdoor instructor I have worked with many tents (large and small) and I think the design of the Mothership is brilliant for family camping.”

    Professional Camper

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